Govmade Introduction

Beijing Govmade Information Consulting Co., Ltd. is a professional organization engaged in information consulting and services ,which was established in Beijing at 23 December 2004, adhering to the behavioral philosophy of "network value architects" ,it’s mainly in the smart city, smart business, smart government and other areas of planning, evaluation, consulting, outsourcing and network services, providing scientific, standardized, professional, innovative, high-quality consulting services for government agencies, city and Industrial parks, large corporations, financial institutions etc. The existing staff of Govmade has more than 200 professional consultation. There are eight branches: Beijing headquarters, Shanghai Branch, Ningbo Govmade Information Technology Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Govmade Information Consultants Co., Ltd, Hunan site evaluation and User Experience Center and Guizhou offices; Govmade established a joint venture "Govmade ocean Information development Co., Ltd." in Zhoushan to carry out marine economy, e-commerce and information industry consulting; and set up "Shanghai Govmade Information Consultants Co., Ltd" in Shanghai to carry out consulting of the smart industrial park’s information and industrial development .

Companies adhere to the service concept of "Govmade wisdom make customer success" and "Enhance the value of innovation performance" , it will root in China's domestic practice , and try to innovate a positive consulting research methods.


Industrial Position

Wisdom City: Providing top-level design, action plan, implementation scheme of construction, standard and system design and research related to the topics of strategic consulting services about Internet of Things for hundreds of national provinces, cities, districts, townships, and the community, as well as the traffic , the people's livelihood, health, tourism, logistics, agriculture and other industries. It is the first army of Smart City planning and the general manager of cities’ construction and operation; the market shares of 35%.

Wisdom Enterprise: Providing business development strategy, transformation of the Internet, e-commerce and the consulting services of large enterprise website group’s framework/ content planning/ performance standard/ user experience design/ website construction and evaluation for hundreds of national enterprises and more than 20 financial institutions; market of website group shares as high as 85%, and performance evaluation reaches to 100%.

Wisdom Government: Providing planning, evaluation and consulting services of informatization, e-government, group of website, citizens web page, public service hall, information disclosure, strategy of large data, Information resources mining, standard directory system design for 1/3 National Ministries and more than 220 provinces and cities government. Planning consulting number reaches 390, assessment reached 50000 / times, the market shares 65%.

Address:Room 405,jin Ding Times Square,C Tower, NO.165 Fushi Road, Shijingshan District, Beijing